Wireless Charger for Tesla Model 3   FVNEXT wireless charger is a custom-designed, integrated on-board wireless layer that provides Qi wireless charging for the Tesla Model 3. The wireless phone...
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Wireless Charger for Tesla Model 3


FVNEXT wireless charger is a custom-designed, integrated on-board wireless layer that provides Qi wireless charging for the Tesla Model 3. The wireless phone charging dock is designed and manufactured to fit seamlessley onto the OEM plug-in charging shelf built into the Model 3 center console.

It provides wireless charging for your smart phone without requiring you to “plug-in” the device. Drop your device onto charging dock and it begins to charge. Remove it by simply picking it up. Your device is always visible and charging, as long as it is placed on charger. It installs very quickly, providing you with a high-tech, durable accessory that is sure to enhance your driving experience.

tesla model 3 wireless charger


Single port working output: 5.1V-2.4A or 9.0V-1.6A MAX or 12.0V-1.2A MAX
Dual ports working output: 5.1V-2.4A (10W MAX)

tesla model 3 wireless charger pad


Installation requires no tools. You can install the Tesla model 3 wireless phone charger by yourself.

LED Lights Instruction

Led Light Color State
Orange Light Charging
Off No Charging and No Connecting
White Light Fully Charged
Orange, Flashing Error, e.g. Detects Foreign Object(s), etc.


tesla model 3 wireless charger install instruction


Q: Can the Tesla Model 3 charger pad be plugged into a 12V cigarette lighter adapter? If so, what is the power output (W)?

A: The wireless charger can be plugged into a 12 V cigarette lighter adapter, just make sure the lighter USB output either in 5V or 9V, if 5V, the max wireless charger output is 5W, if 9V, max output is 10W (for Android) or 7.5W for Apple iPhone.Please make sure the wireless charger USB cable have enough length to reach your adapter as Model 3 cigarette lighter is at other place, not the front USB position, while our USB cable length is only 35CM.


Q: On your Model 3 inductive / induction charger, can it be used with just one side set up to wireless charge?  I don't want to charge every time I'm in the car, so I'd like to set it up to not charge on the left and charge on the right. I'll just take the phone to the right if I ever need the wireless charging.

 A: If you want not to charge on the left and charge on the right, please simply just plug the right USB cable and do not plug the left USB cable, then you will be in one-side working mode. Also, you may change to dual charging anytime you wish.


Q: Regarding your inductive wireless charger for Model 3. I understand that with the latest V9 software upgrade of the Tesla Model 3, the USB ports now output 5V*2A power instead of 5V*1.4A. Does that mean that your base model $49.99 charger will charge 7.5W for iPhone X, iPhone XS, or do I still need to get the fast charging module?

A: The iPhone 7.5W wireless charging will require 9V USB input. Even by V9, the M3 front USB output voltage is 5V, then our M3 wireless charger will work in 5W charging for iPhone, even if we change the M3 front USB output to 9V, the charging speed is the same after the first few minutes, the only advantage is it will be faster in the first (around) 3 minutes time, no much practical use in charging speed. If you still need fast charging, you may consider to buy our fast charging module or use your own QC2.0 QC3.0 power banks.


Q: Will Your wireless Phone Charger for Tesla Model 3 be capable of fast charging a Samsung Galaxy S8 S9? And if I got the normal charger, can I just add any QC2.0 QC3.0 battery to make it fast charging?

A: The wireless charger with our fast charging module support wireless charging at 10W for Samsung Galaxy S8. Also, you can use your own QC2.0 or QC3.0 power banks with our wireless charger to enable fast charging.


Q: Is the fast-charging battery for your Model 3 charging pad/mat a passthrough power bank or does it need to be regularly charged?

A: The fast charge battery for Model 3 charging mat/pad needs to be recharged regularly.


Q: Can the power bank be plugged into a USB charging point and the Qi Dock at the same time? Mine does not seem to work that way. If it's plugged into the USB charging point, it will not power the Qi Charger. in order for it to power the Qi charger, it needs to be unplugged from the USB charging point. Is this expected?

A: The power bank is not supposed to be plugged in the USB port. It's not a pass-through type and cannot be recharged while charging your wireless charging pad. To fast charge your phone, plug right/left USB cable of the wireless charger into the portable power bank/battery, then the wireless charger can fast charge your phone on right/left side.


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Dual Qi Wireless Charger for Tesla Model 3

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